Conflict Resolution

You need to get through to someone, but what you have tried so far hasn’t worked. You need a breakthrough, and don't know where to turn. Maybe it’s time to call me, an experienced resolution consultant. Whether the conflict or transition is in your workplace or your family has brought you to court, I’ll draw on my 30 years’ experience as a lawyer, mediator, coach and trainer to find a solution that will bring you relief and will help you move forward. Whether it’s mediation, coaching, training, or some combination of these, my services will be customized to fit your circumstances and provide an effective result.

Mediation is appropriate where there is an issue or decision at stake. It usually involves a private conversation between me and the individual parties, and then an opportunity for those involved to speak to one another in my presence. While mediation most often takes place in person, in can occur remotely and asynchronously, if circumstances require. The main thing to understand is that it is a confidential, voluntary process, in which the people involved are empowered to decide the outcome of the process.

Coaching is a convenient and cost-effective way to build conflict resolution skills, whether you intend to apply these skills to a conflict in your life, or to professionally support others in working through conflict successfully. Coaching takes place in person or virtually and is most often bundled with other services such as mediation or training.

Training for your organization in conflict resolution is available on site and customized to your needs. I teach this material experientially, through exercises and role plays rather than by lecture. Integration of these skills requires practice and group participation. Most people find these trainings have a positive impact beyond their professional lives.

Until we speak, it may be hard to anticipate what approach is best suited to your circumstances and for that reason I invite you to contact me for an initial conversation.



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