Leadership Development

One of the consequences of doing well in your field is the likelihood that you will be challenged to step up to a position of leadership. So often, what got you here, won’t get you there. This can be especially true for lawyers and other professionals, for whom education and experience tends to reinforce reliance on a set of skills that are in dynamic tension with leadership. Developing leadership skills is a transformational process, one that is sure to enhance all dimensions of our life.

The curriculum for leadership development is diverse, and includes skills for leading self, others and change. ‘Leading self’ topics include developing self-awareness, self -regulation and self-empathy. The process of ‘leading self’ comes through embodiment practices, meditation and reflection. Communication, negotiation and conflict resolution skills are the foundation of leading others. Leading change involves decision – making, systems thinking and strategic thinking. Integrating these skills and drawing upon these resources so they can be called upon in real time, under pressure, involves practice and feedback in a context that supports authentic personal growth.

My practice in leadership development draws on many rich traditions, frameworks and processes that support fluency, effectiveness, and intentionality.

The delivery platforms for leadership development are varied because no one individual is the same. Coaching is an ideal process for leadership development and can be delivered in person or remotely for your convenience. In the organizational context, a combination of Training and Coaching is often the most effective approach. But when top teams get stuck in a dysfunctional pattern, the path to effective leadership can involve Mediation.

Until we speak, it may be hard to anticipate what approach is best suited to your circumstances and for that reason I invite you to contact me for an initial conversation.



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